South India Coffee Company was started in 2017 by husband and wife duo Akshay Dashrath and Komal Sable. We are 5th generation coffee producers from Coorg, one of the oldest coffee growing regions in India. We set out create a collaborative supply chain company that sources sustainably produced Indian specialty coffee with delivery across the world. We work with coffee producers, roasters, and importers to create a more equitable and sustainable coffee industry.Having lived in the UK for 12 years we always felt the lack of Indian origin coffees, and that's when we decided to set up SICC.


We envision a world where everyone involved in the coffee chain, from farmers to roasters, can thrive economically while being mindful of the environment. As an impact-driven company, we believe that economic sustainability and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but rather go hand in hand. Economic sustainability in the coffee industry is essential for the livelihoods of coffee farmers and the long-term viability of the industry. The impact of economic sustainability is profound; farmers need to be able to make a living from coffee farming in order to invest in sustainable practices and ensure the quality of their coffee, and we help them achieve this goal. We assist the farmers by creating new markets for their coffee, providing training on farming practices and post-processing, offering infrastructure support, aiding with manpower during harvest, conducting soil testing, and supplying free fertilisers based on soil reports for community projects. We believe that specialty coffee has the potential to bring about positive change, and our commitment as an impact-driven company is to foster a more sustainable and fair coffee industry.


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