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South India Coffee Company is a direct-trade house of Indian speciality coffee. We produce and source Speciality Arabica, Robusta and Excelsa’s from our family’s estates (Kanbile “C” & Mooleh Manay), and from estates around us. We connect different areas of the supply chain, while making sure that the grower gets the best price for their coffee. We are proud of our transparency (supply chain) and ethics (fair prices), and focus on sustainable (shade grown) Indian coffee growers.


From seed to cup, starting from a tiny seed and finally ending in a delightful cup of coffee goodness. We encourage roasters (or coffee enthusiasts) who are working or thinking of working with us to plan a visit to our plantations to learn about the entire coffee journey.


Depending on the varietal the coffee plant takes upto 3 – 5 years to bear fruit.The fruit known as the ‘coffee cherry’ has two coffee seeds.


The coffee cherry turns green to deep red. Only the ripe, red cherries are handpicked by expert pickers. All our coffees are handpicked by selective picking method.


Once the cherries are picked, they are processed in different ways, depending on location and local resources.


Once roasters receive our coffee, which they then expertly roast to bring out all the hidden flavours locked in the tiny bean.

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